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EON believes that public relations should always be about stakeholder relations. Any attempt to influence lifestyles, sway public opinion, or introduce new concepts and products to the public must be done in a manner that is purposeful, thoughtful and involved.
Trust is at the center of how we conduct our business and how we treat our clients, our stakeholders and ourselves. We strive to do what is right even if it is the harder path to take, never allowing challenges to shake our values.
We are conscious about who we are and what we represent. While we respect and celebrate ourselves as individuals, we are also aware on how our uniqueness is best expressed to complement our roles in the company and in the industry we work in.
We commit to our duties and own up to our mistakes. We embrace our role and appreciate the role of others. We are team players who care deeply about not letting the company, our clients, our stakeholders, and each other down.
We bring energy and life to our work. We celebrate our victories, however simple or grand. We take delight in what we do and who we do it with. We take our work seriously but are not afraid to lighten up and have some fun.
Being best in class requires sensitivity to changes in the communication landscape and the boldness to anticipate our stakeholders’ needs. We apply insight, creativity and resourcefulness in the way we conceive ideas, design our products, conduct our business, and grow the company.
Proudly Filipino
We love our country and our people. We value our unique Filipino heritage and care about the future of our society. We aspire to embody the best of what our culture offers so that we can take part in building the nation, simply by doing what we do best.
As an industry leader, we are driven by the highest standard of excellence and we continue to set the bar even higher with every successful leap. We are not satisfied with establishing goals and meeting targets. We thrive in the power of possibilities.