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Respecting and celebrating this colorful diversity of personalities, expertise and interests, we are able to recognize our common ground – the distinct qualities that bind us together as EONites.
We are vibrant.
Liveliness is our statement. We greet each other with cheerful smiles and raise each other’s spirits with our energy. We are confident about who we are and have no problems expressing our individuality.
We are smart.
We recognize and understand that great ideas don’t just pop out of thin air. We keep ourselves well informed and knowledgeable about the industry, as well as in the other issues that matter around us.
We are creative.
We never tire of churning out ideas, or challenging ourselves to seek out and explore alternative solutions to any problem. Different perspectives excite rather than daunt us. We are not afraid to ask “what if?”
We are open.
We are open and receptive to novel ideas and different points of view, even when they don’t agree with our own. We accept both praise and criticism, knowing that they are ingredients to our own growth and maturity.
We are earnest.
We’ve set our sight on the Big Picture and put our hearts into achieving our collective and individual goals. We are hungry for a challenge and are ready to roll with the punches. Every day, we choose to become better at what we do.